Pick fresh fruit from the street, and save money!

With the help of our foraging map, you can find fruit trees in your area and enjoy their fruits.

Why foraging?

In the distant past, our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they would gather most of their food from nature. When the agricultural revolution came, the share of the harvest in our food was replaced with agriculture, which created a dependence on farmers who grow food, especially for us. Foraging in the 21st century is an opportunity for urban exploration, clearing the sidewalks stained of the fruit that falls from the trees, and reconnecting to our food sources. Foraging also lowers our dependence on fossil fuels and large commercial companies.

How it works

The NonStopGreen foraging map is free and easy to search for plants to forage. All you have to do is enter the map, and start looking for plants near you! Once you have found a plant you would like to harvest, click on it for information about it, such as its name, size, seasons, and accessibility to it. Pick as many as you need but leave some for other foragers as well.